Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are there two different ordering procedures in your shop? (Swedish and PayPal)
A: Our primary service provider of secure on-line payments, PayPal, doesn?t support Swedish Kronor (SEK) at the moment. This is why we have a special procedure for Swedish orders.

Q: Why can?t I pay in Swedish Kronor (SEK) on all of your products?
A: This depends on which products we are handling in-house. Most of our CD's can be ordered in SEK, but our in-house products are strictly PayPal or pre-payment.

Q: Can I pay my order in advance? (have no credit card/don?t like to pay over the internet)
A: Yes, you can pre-pay to our bank account. Contact us for instructions.

Q: Can I pay by PayPal even though I am a Swedish resident?
A: Yes, you can! Even though your order will be in EUR (or USD), your account will be charged in SEK (conversion by PayPal?s current exchange rate).

Q: Why can?t I order a limited 2CD version of a release by PayPal, when Swedish residents can by Swedish Order?
A: This is due to our in-house handling. We can be out of stock in-house, meanwhile our handler of Swedish Orders can still have them in stock.

Q: I have ordered a CD the other day; can I be sure to get the limited 2CD version?
A: No! That depends on how soon after the CD's release you ordered. Some 2CD's sells out by pre-order alone. Check in the web shop for 2CD availability, and to be really sure; contact us before you order.

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