Red Cell - Endings And Beginnings

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Limited 2CD

In stock 9th December 2016

01. Underground Windows
02. Vial Of Dreams
03. The Ladder
04. Past The Pale
05. (We'll Never Have) Another Moment
06. Taking Back The Crown
07. Lucid
08. The Ones
09. Search
10. Persistent

Limited Edition Bonus Disc
01. Vial Of Dreams (Van Der Hyl Remix)
02. The Ladder (Xenturion Prime Remix)
03. Lucid (Pixelboy Remix)
04. The Ladder (Cowboy Version)
05. Past The Pale (Early Demo)
06. Vial Of Dreams (Tomas Almgren Remix)
07. The Ladder (Twiddl Remix)
08. Plastic People (2013 Version)
Red Cell is one of the first bands ever to get signed to Progress Productions and have released two previous
albums (Hybrid Society and Lead Or Follow). are finally back with their long awaited third album. With "Endings And Beginnings" they developed and evolved their sound from their previous album. 10 tracks of stunning beautiful electronic pop tracks. A fantastic mixture of Depeche Mode and modern electronic music.

As usual the first 200 copies will be released with a limited edition signed bonus-CD. This one holding not less than 8 additional tracks and remixes. PLEASE note that the limited editions normally sell out within days and we will NEVER repress this edition. So act now if you want it. Both previous Red Cell limited releases are nowadays expensive items on sites like Discogs.