Kite - Kite IV

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12" Vinyl

In stock 21st September 2011

01. I Just Wanna Feel
02. Step Forward
03. Victorius
04. Stand Back
05. Closing My Heart
Nicklas Stenemo and Christian Berg aka. Kite never stops to evolve, surprise and go further with their band. Their previous three releases has all been praised worldwide in media and blogs. Mainstream national radio, national television everyone agree. Kite is something own, something unique. Nicklas crisp and very personal vocals mixed with Christians electronic soundscapes create magic. On “IV” they continue their musical journey with both straight forward electro/indie hits like “Step Forward” and “Stand Back” mixing it with slow and beautiful tracks like “Closing My Heart”. Add to this the experimental yet incredible catchy “I Just wanna feel” and the 80:s disco-retroish “Victorious” and you have the ultimate proof that music never has to be boring, one wayed or repeat itself. Kite… is back!