Cryo - In Your Eyes

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In stock 25th September 2013

01. In Your Eyes (Club Version)
02. In Your Eyes (Haujobb Remix)
03. The Portal
04. In Your Eyes (Leaether Strip Remix)
05. Higher
Cryo is finally back with new material. "In Your Eyes EP" is the first single to be released from the upcoming album "Retropia" schedule for a late 2013 release and it show a brand new more club oriented side of the band. Never before has EBM/Club Music sounded from Sweden sounded more powerful and direct. You will need to look back all the way to maybe Covenant "Stalker" to find anything to compere with. It's simply a BOMB.

The title track has been remixed treated by two true oldschool heros from the scene, Haujobb and Leaether Strip. The B-side "The Portal" is just as brilliant as the title track, hard, direct and danceable. The track "Higher" is exclusive for this release.