Cryo - Retropia


In stock 29th January 2014

01. In Your Eyes
02. Believer
03. The Portal
04. Common Man
05. I Use You
06. Too Much
07. Shelter
08. Yesterday
09. So Close Pt.1
10. So Close Pt.2
11. So Close Pt.3
The wait is finally over. After releasing the teaser EP "In Your Eyes" Cryo now finally deliver their long awaited new album "Retropia". The most complete work up-to-date.

As always Cryo is in the leading edge of electronic music constantly seeking new paths, exploring new ways to bring you nothing else than pure perfection. "Retropia" is NO exception from this rule. 11 brilliant tracks from direct floor-fillers like "The Portal", "Believer" and "In Your Eyes" to the enormous electro epic "So Close" which is divided into three different tracks. Simply beautiful. And we have not even mentioned the fantastic artwork. 24 page booklet where art and music combine to one.