The New Division - Gemini

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In stock 11th September 2015

1. II
2. Killer
3. Gemini
4. Senseless
5. Iris
6. Introspective
7. I
8. Alive
9. Golden Winter Child
10. Copycat
11. Eyes
12. Murder Shock
13. Bloom

European edition exclusive bonus tracks:
14. Senseless (Future Unlimited Remix)
15. Introspective (The Dossier Remix)
16. Romantic
17. Holy
After two successful albums "Shadows" and "Together We Shine" US-based The New Division returns with a new fantastic album called "Gemini". Their fantastic mixture of dark pop in the veins of Joy Division and New Order with synthpop has quickly made them a very popular band both in the USA and over here in Europe. This version "Gemini" holds an additional four bonus tracks which is totally
exclusive for this version and wont be released anywhere else. "Gemini" is for sure their most complete and best work up-to-date.