Various Artists5 Years of Progress 2004-2009EBM, Synthpop, Industrial
Various Artists - 5 Years of Progress 2004-2009December 1, 2009
Sweden (SEK)

Various Artists - 5 Years of Progress 2004-2009

Released on December 1st, 2009

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01: Necro Facility "Do You Feel The Same"
02: Kite "Ways To Dance" (Live)
03: Cryo "Guantanamo Bay"
04: Mr Jones Machine "Skärvor" (Album Version)
05: Red Cell "Grace" (Acoustic Version)
06: Hype "Michelle"
07: Dupont "Like We Never Loved"
08: Sturm Café "Der Löwe Ist Zuruck"
09: System "Listen To me"
10: Mommy Hurt My Head "Syv-Ni-Tretten" (Night Version)
11: Iambia "Obssesed"
12: Terror Punk Syndicate "T.V." (Mommy Hurt My Head Version)
13: 8kHz Mono "Weight Of Wisdom"
14: Kopfer Kat "Tokyo Toys"
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