Xenturion Prime - Mecha Rising
CD and Limited 2CD
Was released 18th June 2014

Last year popular electronic trio Code 64 decided to go separate ways after releasing three albums. Members Bjørn Marius Borg and Hans-Olof Mattsson decided to continue where Code 64 ended under the new name Xenturion Prime.

The first sign of life was the floorfiller "Rise" released in December 2013. The single entered the official GEWC-Charts in Germany and quickly became popular among underground DJs.

Now it´s finally time for their debut album that has been given the title "Mecha Rising". An album that comes from hard work and many hours in their Spacebound studio. A truly varied album and a musical hybrid, combining electronic industrial and synthpop with cutting edge EDM and epic orchestral soundscapes. Even though the material is varied, the red thread of fantastic production and amazing quality is ALWAYS present.

It is futuristic and forward thinking but still has a strong connection to the past.

With "Mecha Rising" the whole electro scene will be given a new name in the sky: Xenturion Prime.
Get ready to feel the beat!
01. Mecha
02. Rise
03. Transmissions
04. Second Nature
05. Radiant
06. Vermilion
07. Voyagers
08. Realms
09. Ignition/Power Up
10. Skyline
11. Elite
12. Beyond Infinity