Johan Baeckström - Like Before
Was released 5th June 2015

Johan Baeckström is the mastermind behind Swedish synthpop act Daily Planet that recently made their comeback on Progress Productions with the album "2". On this album which is Johan Baeckstrom's solo album he proves that he is not only a fantastic songwriter and producer but also has one of Sweden's absolute best vocals. The music can best be described as music from a lost time. It breaths of early Yazoo, Erasure and Depeche Mode. Eleven clean, fantastic electropop tracks. Including a wonderful cover version of Rational Youth's classic "Saturdays Is Silesia". No one that likes synthpop will be disappointed.
01. Starlights
02. Great unknown
03. Come with me
04. Winter times
05. Forever and a day
06. Running away from myself
07. Talking in your sleep
08. Saturdays in Silesia
09. One last time
10. Tonight
11. Like before