Iambia - Anasynthesis
CD and Limited 2CD
Was released 18th January 2006

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01: Anasynthesis
02: Enemy: Unknown
03: Ominous
04: Resurrect
05: Sepuku
06: Chaosmancer
07: Tetragon
08: Depressonic
09: Hellucination
10: A light in darkness
11: Tyrrania (extreme mix)
12: Sederial Spheres (Mk5 mix)
13: Resurrect (Light mix)

Bonus disc: (limited 200 copies)
01: Resurrect (8kHz Mono Remix)
02: Kaosmancer 6,66 mix (remixed by Noid of Siva Six)
03: Tyrrania (Necro Facility Remix)
04: Resurrect (First version)
05: Tyrrania (Live edit)
The music on “Anasynthesis� is pure Industrial/EBM with a melodic sound, somehow the CD is full of an atmospheric sound which is difficult to describe, actually it’s that sound that makes Iambia different from other Industrial/EBM bands, somehow it’s really music that comes directly from the heart, and that’s what keeps my attention..

Chain D.L.K.
This Greek duo surprises from the from the very first tune up to the last one – a really intense assault burning its way from the brain through your body to the feet to teach you to dance!..

Dark Entries
Als de opener en meteen titelnummer “Anasynthesis� de boksen uit komt gewaaid heb ik meteen iets van… hier gaan we weer… boem boem, bleep, bleep, boem en een obligatoir vervormde stem. Ik hoor dus een tikkeltje Suicide Commando, een scheutje Hocico,… kortom, typerende dark electro die ten huize darkdweller heden ten dage eerder op gegeeuw dan op enthousiast vloer stampen wordt onthaald...

Absoluter Höhepunkt ist „Helluci Nation“, der mit einer wirklich halluzinierenden Musik den Hörer in Tanzekstase versetzen kann. Einfach ein gutes Werk...

Enochian Apocalypse
Dark atmosphere, industrial tunes and melodic synths are the core characteristics...fantastic music and the true talent hidden in Dimitri’s harsh vocals...

From Greece the Swedish Progress Productions label brings us a new band that truly delivers a progressive and interesting EBM release with Anasynthesis. Iambia is the dark and heavy electro project of one of the Audioplug members. Musicwise there are resemblances with dark electro bands like Grendel and God Module, but also with more experimental outfits like Aesthetic Perfection and Haujobb...

Iambia är utan tvekan den tyngsta releasen på lilla skivbolaget Progress Productions. Förvisso lutar bolagets utgivning åt det tyngre hållet, men Iambia smäller även exempelvis kollegorna Necro Facility på fingrarna vad gäller brutalitet...

Moving Hands
Intelligent variations that strengthen the overall impression of the songs and sets Iambia apart from the broader segment of modern ebm bands...

Musically the band reminds me of God Module's debut album 'Artificial' from 2000 with it massive beats, but in this edition with more violent vocals. Even some inlays of old Front Line Assembly is found in the seventh track "Tetragon". ...

Release Music Magazine
This thing is aggressive for most of the disc with high tempo tracks dominating and a few slower, introspective works rounding it out. Frontman Dimitri's vocal style generally stays in the classical EBM style with a lot of monotone speaking, some snarling and screaming going on...

Sonic Seducer
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Virus Magazine
Iambia's "Anasythesis" rather pleasantly captures the visceral feeling found within post-Skinny Puppy nineties acts (for example, Placebo Effect and the Celtic Circle label's roster of bands), while infusing it with some of the coarser angles within the modern hellektro movement. If volatile EBM is what caters to your listening whims, Iambia is definitely worth your attention....

Zero Music Magazine
Iambia spelar rak och tuff EBM, de väljer att gå rakt på mål utan att krångla till det. Uppfinningsrikedomen är dessutom på topp. Plattan skruvas från höger till vänster och det känns aldrig riktigt tråkigt...

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