Nattskiftet - Aceton
Was released 19th February 2016
EBM, Old-School EBM

Nattskiftet from Gothenburg is a brand new signing to Progress Productions and this is their debut EP. They quickly became the talk of the scene in Sweden after their performance at the Electronic Summer festival last year. Later in the autumn they also opened for legends Atari Teenage Riot. The music is danceable classic Electronic Body Music with a pop-feel to it. The tracks are all super catchy and the remixes from Spetsnaz and Xenturion Prime are strong dancefloor material. Nattskiftet are brothers Christer and Lars Björndahl (also known for their italo act Disco Digitale), Tobias Eliasson together with Anna Johnning. Nattskiftet is for sure one of the most interesting new things to come from Sweden in a long time in the EBM-scene. A new injection so needed in the scene.
01. Aceton
02. Bara Jobb
03. Arendal
04. Aceton (Downstairs At Spetsnaz Remix)
05. Bara Jobb (Xenturion Prime Remix)
06. Aceton (Propanon Mix)