Hype - Desperately Yours
CD and Limited 2CD
Was released 29th March 2006

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01: Modern impact
02: In my dreams
03: Idle running
04: Your kind
05: Hurt
06: Given
07: Live and learn
08: Bounce
09: Bubonic plague in Babylon
10: Living on video
11: Winterday [2005B]

Bonus disc: (limited 200 copies)
01: Idle Running - Remixed by Interlace
02: In my dreams - stripped byEskil Simonsson/Covenant
03: Bubonic plague in Babylon - Epidemic vers. by Calle Lundgren of Alice in Videoland
04: Hurt - LAB-mix
05: Modern impact - Simplicity-mix by Schirm
06: Modern impact - Andreas Tilliander remix
Chain D.L.K.
On the danceable side we have own compositions which hit the target like “Modern Impact� or “Your Kind�, while my personal favorite “Live And Learn� comes with astonishing played Synth lines and a finer melodic part...

Der Medienkonverter
‚Modern Impact’ eröffnet das Album als dynamischer Basildon-Synthpop-Kracher. ‚Accept the Modern Impact’, das fordern die drei Skandinavier und setzen dies musikalisch atemberaubend um, indem die retrospektiven Elemente mit ihren Pendants des Jahres 2006 gemischt werden...

„Hurt“ ist vielleicht der aggressivste Song und zielt am ehesten auf die Tanzfläche. Mit „Bubonic Plague In Babylon“ ist Toril Lindqvist von Alice In Videoloand zu hören, der den Song auffrischt...

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Hype has made an extremely cool debutalbum with Desperately Yours. Very strong vocals of the former frontman of the well known synthpop band Elegant Machinery and adventurous versatile synth- and electropop are the most important ingredients here...

Hype håller till på den något mer futurepop-inriktade, och ibland tydligt ebm-betonade, sidan av det fack som innehåller alla dessa åttiotalsinspirerade synth(pop)band som förgyller bland annat mitt skivställ...

You could almost say that Hype is an EM of the 21st century, as if Elegant would have fresh it up for the changes of the year 2006...

Release Music Magazine
You know what to expect and you know you want it. Synthpop, fast and slow, with Enforsen's characteristic vocal style pushing the songs that extra mile...

Virus Magazine
Desperately Yours' is certainly a sleek little introduction to their sound, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them quickly gather acclaim within the synthpop circuit in the near future...

Zero Music Magazine
... de snygga poplåtarna finns kvar, från snabba hitar som �modern impact� och �given� till långsamma, mer eftertänksamma �idle running� och experimentella �live and learn�...

Zero Music Magazine
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