System - Sample and Hold
CD and Limited 2CD
Was released 22nd August 2006

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01: Rhythm Machine
02: Tonight
03: Under Control
04: Anything Everywhere
05: Dystopia
06: Your Creation
07: Systematic
08: Dead Inside
09: Taken Apart
10: Game with no Winners
11: Sample & Hold
Sample And Hold is unremittingly poppy and irreversibly influenced by Kraftwerk...

Chain D.L.K.
... It is somewhat inspired by Synthpop and Minimal Electronic efforts, but still with a strong dedication the mentioned times. Somehow it seems to be typical that a release like this comes out of Sweden, who lately often surprises with releases of things and kinds which seemed to be already buried and hidden in the endless history of music....

Herr A und Herr B lauten die Namen der beiden Gestalten, die hinter diesem Projekt stecken. So android sich diese Namen anhören, so android ist auch ihre Musik. System sind pure Elektronik, reine auditive Übertragung binärer Codes...

System creates electro like electro is supposed to sound. No human or natural sound can be found: everything comes out of the computer. All the sounds are mechanical and really all the human voices are filtered out: every singing, every line of text and even every huff or puff is put through the vocoder...

Plattan innehåller elva spår som sprudlar av liv och lust. Det är synthpop av gammalt snitt som bubblar och fräser mysigt likt en lägereld som svältfödda retroromantiker kommer att värma sig vid...

Most of all it's the great synth loops behind the computer generated voices during the chorus that really sticks...

Re:Gen Magazine
Let me start off by saying that Sample and Hold is a good album. So stop reading this right now, go buy the album, come back, and finish reading this review....

Sundsvalls Tidning
Det låter som om svenska System har suttit och klurat ganska länge på hur man ska kunna skapa perfekt dansant electropop med tidsenlig datoriserad 80-tals känsla...

Nicht alles, was aus Schweden stammt, muss nun gleich ein Meisterwerk sein, und so kann ich die reichlichen Vorschlusslorbeeren nicht eben nachvollziehen...

Värmlands Folkblad
Det här kan vara det mest spännande som släpps i genren i år. System har verkligen fått till en riktig fullträff på sitt fjärde skivsläpp...

Virus Magazine
Sample And Hold' is like a night time ride onboard a sleek bullet train; it's a smooth and simple glide that avoids striking any jagged analogue potholes. It's austere and relaxing, but perhaps that bit of bite, the terseness of machines, is what is missing from their computer-adoring daydream...

release VERY limited MP3 player Edition of the upcoming ?Evolution? 19th January 2012
Stockholm based electroact System that release the early tracks compilation 'Evolution' via Progress Productions. On January 24th will also ...

opens it´s archives on January 24th 4th January 2012
One of Swedens absolute finest acts SYSTEM now finally opens the rich archives and let´s us take part of all their fantastic early tracks. "...