Various Artists - Born/Evolve/Progress//2
Was released 24th January 2007

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01: Cryo "Freedom"
02: Terror Punk Syndicate "Dysmorphia" (Epicentre Version)
03: Mommy Hurt My Head "Nothing Zero Option (After the pills)"
04: Necro Facility "Tuxedo"
05: Red Cell "Lust"
06: Mr Jones Machine "Vilda Drömmar"
07: Hype "Love-o-lution"
08: System "No Man"
09: 8kHz Mono "Crash Course"
10: Iambia "Program K"
11: Cryo "Rage"
12: Terror Punk Syndicate "Wish I Was Retarded"
13: Sturm Cafe "Weltliches Leben"
14: Necro Facility "Dope"
15: Kopfer Kat "Spike"
Chain D.L.K.
Progress Productions concentrates on quality releases and has grown in the past two years to much more than only a secret tip. The next label giant after the coming demise of Dependent? Well, let’s see how far it goes...

Der Medienkonverter
Insgesamt bietet „Born/Evolve/Progress/2“ einen interessanten Querschnitt, der für Freunde der elektronischen Musik auf jeden Fall ein paar Geheimtipps bereithält...

Alle Facetten der synthetischen Klangerzeugung werden hier präsentiert – und das auf höchstem Niveau..

A very tasty compilation, which proves there is more in northern Europe than just Covenant...

Jag vill inte slösa med höga betyg, men 'Born Evolve Progress 2' är verkligen en höjdare som träffar helt rätt...

Progress Productions will never stop to surprise you when it's about quality and evolvement. I can only hope that the big labels will follow and will try to make their samples more exclusive...

Release Music Magazine
The disc is varied with its mix of hard EBM, synthpop, electro, noise, old-school body etc. Furthermore, it’s on sale for just 49 SEK! If I could, I would use my Jedi powers to make you buy it. But that would be unethical, now wouldn’t it?...

Sonic Seducer
Sampler des Monats
Jag måste säga att många av banden har stor potential och det är roligt att se hur banden växer och influeras av andra genres under sitt musikskapande..

Virus Magazine
Containing fifteen exclusive tracks, not only does it give one a good sense of Progress' retro-EBM motif, but it also introduces us to some of the best work by their premiere artists while giving us the first taste of some of their latest signings...

Zero Music Magazine
Born Evolve Progress 2 ger en nutida bild av dagens musikscen i Sverige. Och den frodas. Detta är den bästa samlingen som finns ute just nu. Tveka inte, inte ens för en sekund. Köp den!...