Cryo - Mixed Emotions
Was released 9th November 2007
EBM, Futurepop

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01: My Wall (Club Edit)
02: Inhale / Exhale (Original)
03: Freedom
04: Inhale / Exhale (Terror Punk Syndicate Remix)
05: My Wall (Original)
06: Go To War
07: Inhale / Exhale (TraKKtor Remix)
08: Body To Body (Front 242 Cover)
Chain D.L.K.
A good, in parts very good EP which features both, Martins rather cold and static sound-design and the required dancefloor compatibility. It’s cold in the Cryodome, but hot enough to move your body!...

Weiter bleibt das vorherrschende Stilmittel der unterkühlte Sound, allerdings hat die neue EP einen wesentlich stärkeren Bezug zu den Clubs...

The Mixed Emotions EP of the Swedish Cryo is a step forward compared to the already impressive debut album Cryogenic which hit the scene like a bomb with the critics and fans of cold atmospheric EBM alike...

Reflections of Darkness
With the new EP, CRYO shows once again that it's also possible to create tension and a great atmosphere with comparatively few means and that it's not necessary to overload the arrangements...

Release Music Magazine
A perfect example of how talented Martin Rudefelt is when it comes to writing songs...

With this newfound gruffness, Emotions certainly leaves one's interest piqued as to Cryo’s next step...

Ausgefeiltes Songwriting und ein Gesang, der sich mühelos in das Gesamtkonzept einfügt, lassen das Werk angenehm unaufdringlich, aber dennoch fesselnd rüberkommen...

Cryo releases a best-of compilation in Russia 7th May 2012
Cryo has just released a best of compilation in Russia. This release also holds a few exclusive tracks. Progress will have a limited number of these a...

finishing recording of new Mini-CD 16th August 2011
Martin Rudefelt aka. Cryo has been in creative mode this summer for sure. He recently finished the recording of a new Mini-album called "Beyond&q...