Dupont - Entering the Ice Age
CD and Limited 2CD
Was released 19th August 2009
EBM, Futurepop

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01: Run for protection
02: New dawn
03: Entering the Ice Age
04: Behave
05: Your heart
06: Like we never loved
07: Goodbye
08: N.A.S.A
09: Dope of love
10: Sapphire
Brutal Resonance
The title track “Entering the Ice Age� is highly addictive and I promise you will be humming on it and besides that it have a great 8bit solo that brings back memories of rainy afternoons with your Nintendo.

Chain D.L.K.
An album confirming the good quality already expressed by this Swedish band,..

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Gothic Paradise
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Moving Hands
I like this new sound. You just want to close your eyes and let your body move...

Reflections of Darkness
To sum up: `Entering the Ice Age´ is a well-produced long player containing ten polished and pretty reduced Electronica tracks.

Release Music Magazine
... I know some people who pick this album as one of the best 2009.

Schwarze News
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Entering The Ice Age' sounds like a new challenge, but it's one I'll fully support!

Sonic Seducer
10 on 1

Sonic Seducer
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Musiken är både oerhört vacker, dramatisk och ofta vansinnigt cathchy. En skön blandning av synthpop, EBM och futurepop.

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