Mommy Hurt My Head - Mommy Hurt My Head
CD and Limited 2CD
Was released 25th November 2009

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01: Shellshock
02: Syv Ni Tretten
03: Darkest Wrong
04: Message
05: Treason
06: Nothing Zero Option
07: This is a Missile
08: 7 Dwarves
09: Grey Demise
10: Ejaculate
11: Goodbye
Brutal Resonance
Mommy Hurt My Head’s debut album is probably not going to go down in history as a classic album of a century, but it sure is a good debut album and probably have one of the best cover designs this year.

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Another smash release from the Progress Productions label...

Moving Hands
... they really manage to capture the spirit of old-school and this record could just as well have been released in 1984...

Release Music Magazine
If you are at all interested in the hard electronic sound of the nineties, you have to check this out. It's for your own good...

... it is hard to deny the might of tracks like “Darkest Wrong�...
Allt som allt är det här en riktigt bra platta att ha som soundtrack nu när höstmörkret faller på.

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