Cryo - Hidden Aggression
CD and Limited 2CD
Was released 24th February 2010
EBM, Futurepop

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01: Prelude - Waves of Sin
02: I Tune In
03: Weitergehen
04: Substance
05: Hit Me Once
06: Counting Down Again
07: Guantanamo Bay
08: Contract Killer
09: I Die Every Day
10: Forgotten
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... Mixing modern EBM with industrial together with hypnotic soundscapes it sounds outstanding...This is by far his best work to date...

Brutal Resonance
The new album is actually quite varied; it goes from slow and moody to dance, almost techno, oriented. The music is really good independently of style...

Chain D.L.K.
his album offers a lot of valuable content to check out...

Darkroom Magazine
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Der Medienkonverter
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CD des Monats April 2010

This album will result in more recognition for Cryo in the German electro scene. Cryo deserves that as it is one of the best EBM projects that I know of...

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Moving Hands
This is the second album from Martin aka Cryo on Progress Productions. And it's just as good as his first. Actually even better!

Release Music Magazine
... Cryo adds a modern touch to it with extremely slick production, cold, high-tech electronics and solid song writing skills...

If you were not a fan before this release will make you a believer...

Sonic Seducer
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Sonic Seducer
10 about 1
... jag älskar det. Vad annat kan man göra?...

Cryo releases a best-of compilation in Russia 7th May 2012
Cryo has just released a best of compilation in Russia. This release also holds a few exclusive tracks. Progress will have a limited number of these a...

finishing recording of new Mini-CD 16th August 2011
Martin Rudefelt aka. Cryo has been in creative mode this summer for sure. He recently finished the recording of a new Mini-album called "Beyond&q...