Various Artists - The VAULT 2004-2010 Volume 1
Digital only CD
Was released 24th March 2010

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01: Necro Facility "Tear Off Subsistence"
02: Dupont "Deja Vu" (Promo 2003)
03: Hype "Idle Running" (Interlace Remix)
04: Mr Jones Machine "Stranger In This World Of Mine"
05: System "Artificial Emotions"
06: Sturm Café "Alphamenschen"
07: Red Cell "I Am The Way"
08: Cryo "The Pain" (Iambia Remix)
09: Mommy Hurt My Head "Goodbye"
10: Iambia "Tyrrania" (Necro Facility Remix)
11: 8kHz Mono "Reality"
12: Terror Punk Syndicate "Dark Is The Psyche Of Man" (Cryo Version)