Various Artists - Born / Evolve / Progress/3
Was released 6th July 2011

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01. Henric de la Cour "Dogs"
02. Kite "Ways To Dance" (Leaether Strip Remix)
03. Red Cell "Lost"
04. Covenant feat. Necro Facility "Lightbringer" (Speedrun II)
05. Code 64 "Deviant" (SPARK! Remix)
06. Necro Facility "Do You Feel The Same" (Henrik Bäckström Remix)
07. Cryo "Change" (90ies Mix)
08. SPARK! "Popkomplex"
09. Titans "Dried Out"
10. Mr Jones Machine feat. Susie "De Månbleka Tingen" (Beanbag Remix by Cryo)
11. System "Inheritance" (SYSTEMatic Mix)
12. SoundSequence "Grim Reaper" (2002)
13. Mommy Hurt My Head "Flawless" (pAn alt. version Mix)