Various Artists - Born / Evolve / Progress
Was released 6th July 2005

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01. Iambia - Anasynthesis**
02. Necro Facility - Nursed
03. Red Cell - Related Skin**
04. 8kHz Mono - Weep4me (Aslan Faction cover)**
05. Mr Jones Machine - Hypersleep (LV426 edit)**
06. Sturm Café - Stiefelfabrik**
07. Hype - Your kind**
08. Cryo - Want it**
09. Red Cell - Naked**
10. 8kHz Mono - One (Mark II)**
11. Iambia - Sederial Spheres (Version MK1)
12. Necro Facility - Deathrow (Plague remix)**
13. Cryo - Vengeance**
14. Hype - Winterday (2005A)**
15. Mr Jones Machine - Im your enemy
16. Sturm Cafe - Schweiss, Bier und Stahl**

**Exclusive/Previously unreleased tracks/versions
Förutom tunga ebm/dark electro akter som Necro Facility, Red Cell och grekiska Iambia kan skivbolaget även skylta med mer dansant electro som Cryo och 8kHz Mono, synthpop med Mr Jones Machine och Hype samt redan nu haussade Sturm Café som levererar tvättäkta oldschool-ebm.

Moving Hands
This is a great compilation album from one of Sweden’s most engaged and fast growing record company right now. And I really like the artwork as well. I recommend you to get your own copy today thou there are only 1000 copies of the album...

Newly started Swedish label Progress has compiled an album with two tracks each from its artists. Together, they cover genres from old-school body through industrial to synthpop. This makes for a varied album and the label has some great stuff to show off.
16 låtar för 50 spänn är ju klockrent. Se till att skaffa denna samling innan den tar slut. Det finns bara 1000 exemplar. Den slår de flesta samlingsskivor rent allmänt och ger en bra introduktion till en ny generation artister.

Virus! Magazine
Limited to 1000 copies world wide, the menu offers an interesting variety for fans of synth sounds..All in all a recommendable compilation with some talented bands on it.

Zero Music Magazine
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