Vanligt folk - Vanligt Folk
12" Vinyl
Was released 27th February 2013
Old-School EBM

Vanligt Folk is Progress Productions latest signing to the label and we are mighty proud to present their debut EP which is selftitled. Vanligt Folk meaning "ordinary people" in Swedish is one of the most unique acts we have comed across over the last few years. Torny Gottberg of Progress Productions say: "First time I heard them I was blown away. They had something I have been looking for but haven't seen in many years, it was raw direct energy and music that had a meaning. Like they had a cause, a mission. I just knew we had to release this".

Already praised by mainstream media as one of the most promising debutacts 2013 it's now finally time to unleash this to the rest of the world. It's hard to put a name on the music of Vanligt Folk but imagine a mix of DAF, Einstürzende Neubauten, Nick Cave mix this together with a touch of hard swedish indiepop and raw energy. The result should not be to far away from this truly amazing debut 12" album.
01. Herrar och Hundar
02. Moralekonomin (Ofreda Biståndet)
03. Idioter Av Församlingen
04. I En Värld Utan Hjältar
Vanligt Folk video prescreening today! 7th March 2013
PSL / Swedish Television are prescreening the video for Vanligt Folk's "Idioter Av Församlingen". You can check it out at the link...