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So what is Progress Productions? A record label? Well, of course we are in one way, but we operate much deeper and closer with our bands.

A path has been important for us since the start back in 2004. Together we work to reach small goals building upwards rather than just building a big hype around things. Because you know what... hypes never lasts! Our belief is to look 5-6 even 10 years ahead with new acts, slowly building a fan base, rather than having just one radio single and then you are out. We consider every release carefully and we want the band to take a big role in the production of an album. After all we are just the brand that have the honour of releasing the art created.

We always live by our slogan "Quality before quantity".

Progress Productions has no room for rock stars or huge egos, all art created by the bands released under our brand is of equal importance. Together WE ARE PROGRESS. Together our aim is to bring you the finest music available on the alternative scene. We hope you will find something that you like and love... just as much as we do.

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About Progress

When Progress Productions was formed the idea was simple: Quality before quantity.

Now entering a new decade the philosophy behind Progress stays the same: To bring quality electronic music to our customers and work closely together with our bands as a team. Co-operation with other labels, clubs, magazines and radio stations within the scene is another important aspect of our philosophy.

Progress has been growing from day one, but not in an uncontrollable fashion. We take our role as a label seriously and have a responsibility towards our bands in a long-term commitment. Every release and every new signing is carefully considered in this regard.

// Torny Gottberg & Krister Hessling
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